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      History Network Supplier
      OEM Components Carburetors Aerospace

      From America to Japan:
      Aerospace and Beyond.

      The Japanese aerospace industry represents a sizable market for many American suppliers, yet it also represents a significant challenge. The complexities of licensing, regulations, customs, and business channels, not to mention the language barrier, can make this market especially foreboding to those firms not partnered with Mikuni American Corporation.

      We are not the biggest, but we are the best. We are aerospace specialists, with over 30 years' experience with agencies such as the Japan Defense Agency (we are one of the oldest qualified supplier), NASDA. We know these markets. We know these products. We know all the major aerospace and aircraft manufacturers in Japan. We have people, in Japan, dedicated solely to servicing these customers, backed by our support teams.

      Mikuni American Corporation represents American suppliers (some exclusively) of raw materials, chemicals, casting and forgings, and precision parts. We represent the top names in the aerospace world, with components found everywhere from the Boeing 777 to the Space Shuttle.

      The reason is service. Mikuni American Corporation acts as your overseas arm, providing sales, support, and service of your products. We get your products to the markets you seek, taking care of regulations, customs, and Japanese-language advertising along the way. And, most importantly, we're responsive. Our payments are made in U.S. dollars, drawn from U.S. banks, mostly within 30 days of receipt of your invoice, you don't have to wait for Japanese customers to pay.
      Mikuni American can help you grow your markets, and establish new ones, too. Our knowledge of the Japanese market extends well beyond aerospace, we can expand your sales all over the world.

      On the ground... over the water... in the air...

      Wherever you go, Mikuni is with you. Mikuni Corporation has been in business over 74 years, and employs nearly 5,000 people worldwide. Yet none of it would be possible without you, the Mikuni customer. Every facet of our business is geared, however remotely, to total customer satisfaction, whether it's our commitment to high technology, or simply preserving the environment for our children. Our network of people, Mikuni people, across America and
      around the world, are here to serve you, to help make your products better... to help you better compete in the markets you need. How can we help you today? Simply call to find out. You'd be surprised just how responsive, how personal, how dedicated, a company can be.

      Copyright (C) 2002, Mikuni American Corporation All Right Reserved.
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